Frequently asked questions from customers

The car should be returned with the same fuel level with which you will receive it.

The condition for renting a car is at least 21 years of age and driving license for at least a year.

A driving license confirming the right to drive a car is required as well as a second identity document: ID card or passport.

The validity of driving licenses in Poland is governed by EU regulations for all EU countries and the provisions of the Vienna Convention for other countries. Holders of an international driving license other than those mentioned in the directives described above.

Yes. It is the customer who decides where to pick up the car, we place cars in 4 cities in Sicily.

When booking a car via the form on the website, you can immediately see the total cost of the reservation.

Yes, all cars in our company have the necessary AC / OC / NNW / ASSISTANCE insurance.

There is no kilometer limit for short-term reservations up to 30 days. The kilometer limit is valid for medium-term rentals from a minimum of one month. The standard is 3000 km, at the customer's request the limit is increased.

Before receiving, our representative contacts the customer by phone to determine the place of transfer. He has both a ready contract and a handover protocol. The Lessor signs the abovementioned documents during the handover of the vehicle.

Secure the vehicle. The car user is obliged to contact the landlord as soon as possible and to call the police to the place of incident. To avoid high costs related to car repair, we offer additional insurance - no participation in damage, thanks to which the customer is not charged for repair costs.

Yes, this option is free. You only need to inform the consultant when making the reservation or the driver at the latest when picking up the vehicle. To do this, you must send an ID document and a valid driving license to the additional driver.

Yes. You should inform our consultant about this fact no later than the day before the end of the rental period indicated in the contract

Contact us and we will provide you with the necessary assistance. In the event of a collision when the car is unfit for further driving, we substitute a replacement car.